You’re not hallucinating — the effort to get a question on the ballot in November asking voters to legalize psychedelic mushrooms in Denver has failed.

Supporters ran into too many hurdles like writing a ballot question that makes sense, collecting samples signatures, meeting deadlines, getting dressed, leaving the house and so forth.

Now they’re aiming for the May 2019 election with the excuse that they want to make their campaign as effective as possible.

Meanwhile, California also failed to get their question on the ballot to voters this fall. They plan on lobbying lawmakers to get a law passed instead.

That should include some interesting lobbying expenses. If California starts passing crazier than usual laws, that should signal the group is succeeding in their efforts.

So, we’ll have to sit back and watch what the Denver shroomers come up with for next year, and look forward to their “education” campaign here.

It remains to be seen whether a drug that causes hallucinations is the best medicine for people experiencing PTSD and hallucinations. But we expect they will use that as a main selling point.