Is the Democratic Party intent on destroying their so-called blue tsunami they expect this election? It sure seems so in Colorado. The Democratic Party threw its own candidates under the bus by endorsing Initiative 97, a measure that, if passed, would increase oil and gas setback requirements to 2,500 feet.

The endorsement comes months after their gubernatorial candidates – yes, even Polis –  all disavowed the initiative, which would basically kill the oil and gas industry in Colorado (and with it approximately 230,000 jobs). The endorsement also was followed by Democratic former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s statement that Initiative 97 is “unconstitutional” at an event yesterday hosted by the Colorado Petroleum Council, according to the Denver Post.

Given that candidates aren’t supporting the ailing measure and the elder statesman of the Democratic Party is calling the measure unconstitutional, what’s the Democratic Party thinking coming out with this position?

Perhaps Morgan Carroll is desperately trying to make her radical candidates look more mainstream – less extreme? If so, she failed. Now her candidates have to definitively pick a side on this contentious issue.

Will this unforced error by the Democratic Party lead to the party being a weight around candidates’ neck? Signs point to yes.