Michael Fields, a talented campaign operative known in Colorado Republican circles for more than a decade now, has taken a role as the state’s executive director for Colorado Rising Action.

Colorado Rising Action is a 501(c)4, which means it can participate in partisan politics, but that cannot be the primary purpose of the organization. The goal of Colorado Rising Action is to hold elected representatives and left-wing advocacy groups accountable to the needs and policy objectives of Coloradans.  The group is the second state-level initiative of America Rising Squared, which promotes the principals of freedom, limited government, free enterprise, and strong national security, according to its website.  The other state-level initiative of America Rising Squared is active in Missouri.

About his new role at Colorado Rising Action, Fields said, “Colorado is a great place to live and raise a family, and the work I’ve done with AFP and will continue to do with Colorado Rising Action will ensure it stays that way. As a new part of the incredible network of conservative organizations in Colorado, we will make sure that Coloradans know what liberal special interest groups and their politicians are doing, and the impacts they’ll have on our state.”

The fact that Colorado attracted this type of commitment from a national group like America Rising Squared says a lot about what outside groups think about the conservative movement in Colorado.  In the press release announcing the Fields hire, America Rising Founder Joe Pounder said that Colorado “is in danger of its status as a purple state turning blue” but his organization has “even more talent on the ground to make sure that liberal politicians and special interest groups answer to Coloradans.”

Or anybody. We’d take Democrats answering to anybody at this point.

Regardless, congrats to Fields.