With just a few months left until Election Day, the candidates for governor are committing to debate requests from across the state.

Well, one candidate is.

Walker Stapleton was first out of the gate confirming he will participate in nine debates, followed by Polis who committed to sending other Democrats to debate for him.

It’s good to be rich.

Rather than boning up on issues that are actually important to real voters and not just special interest advocates that fragment the Democratic Party, Polis is paying sending others to do his work for him.

Polis thumbed his nose at Western Slope interests by totally blowing off the Club 20 debate — the must-attend political event of the season to specifically discuss issues that half the state cares about, but which Polis knows nothing.

Instead, Polis is dispatching the Lt. Gov., Donna Lynne, to stand in for him amongst the cowboys.

Polis is sending Mike Johnston to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance forum, and Cary Kennedy will debate in his stead at an event yet to be determined.

It’s so childish, it’s like Polis is sending mommy, daddy and big sister into school classrooms to take tests for him and demand teachers be nice to him.

We predict cardboard cutouts of Polis will begin springing up all over the state.

Debates that have been confirmed, and which Polis is expected to actually attend, are these:

CBS4/CPT 12/KOA/KHOW debate
Pueblo Chieftain debate
Denver Channel/Denver Post/University of Denver/ABC News debate
9News/Fort Collins Coloradoan debate
Grand Junction Daily Sentinel/Colorado Mesa University/Rocky Mountain PBS debate

We’ll keep you updated on times, dates, and which debates Polis sends in adults to debate the hard issues for him.