I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

We hope Hick isn’t measuring the drapes for the White House just yet. While his campaign and PR machine is in overdrive pushing him as a contender in 2020 against President Trump, the former Chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party (he’s now an independent) says that Hick’s a longshot.

Here’s his quote from his Denver Post op-ed, as featured in Colorado Politics:

“Although the presidential field is wide open, it is crowded with both D.C. liberal icons, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, newcomers, like Kamala Harris, and, of course, the establishment-types, like Joe Biden. Hickenlooper is low on most lists. Finding supporters, wealthy funders and interest groups interested in his pragmatic message and quirky demeanor will be a formidable task.

Ouch. The Colorado Politics article goes on to say that of the most recent lists of top contenders, Hick has yet to break through.

Honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised. While other Governors have taken tough stands on issues that matter, Hick has often waffled on tough issues. Best example? Nathan Dunlap. If Hick can’t stand by and let a man who brutally gunned down four people in a Chuck E Cheese stand for the punishment his peers prescribed, how is he going to send men to war or stand up to rogue nations?

The worst kept secret in politics is that Hick is kind of a wimp. That’s not exactly an admired quality for the leader of the greatest nation on earth.