Westword didn’t let any grass grow under their feet, waiting just over a month before featuring Joe Salazar, former attorney general candidate, and how he’s turned his life around since his loss to fellow Democrat Phil Weiser.

First of all, it’s Joseph, now.

And fans will be thrilled to learn that he is penning his memoirs, while focusing full time on his legal career.

Salazar is working on a memoir that could serve as a progressive manifesto for those seeking to engage politically and campaign for office. Years of working with centrist Democrats in the House who consistently worked against progressive bills, such as the homeless Right to Rest Act, has solidified his belief that the party needs to clean house, he says, and send more progressives to the State Capitol to wrest control away from establishment politicians. He expects to complete his memoir by October.

A man who can write his memoir in a matter of weeks, after finishing a full day’s work at the law office, is a man who hasn’t lived long enough or experienced life fully enough to write a memoir.

We expect it will be double-spaced and written in really large fonts, with lots of pictures.

We’re guessing it will be self-published through a vanity press. Available only online. For free.

Salazar also revealed in this feature article that he had predicted he would either win, or lose his campaign for attorney general. And it turns out he was right.