Animal activists have discovered that the Climate Bill of Rights, which was passed by the Lafayette City Council last year as a direct attack on the natural gas industry to ban fracking, also gives them a new weapon to stop the removal of prairie dogs.

That’s because the idiotic law has enough loopholes to drive a herd of cattle through, primarily the clause that states “all residents and ecosystems of the City of Lafayette possess a right to a healthy climate and life-sustaining resources.”

Not only do prairie dogs have rights as part of Lafayette’s treasured ecosystem, but predators have a right to eat the prairie dogs, prairie dog activists actually argued recently to block a prairie dog removal.

FINALLY, liberals are standing up for the rights of prairie dogs to be eaten!

From the Boulder Camera:

Officials eventually stayed the prairie dogs’ removal — and have since suspended any vote on new oil and gas codes for the time being — but the momentary drama — and lasting uncertainty about the colony’s future — has sparked a conversation about whether the anti-fracking bill’s environmental protections reach beyond the effects of energy extraction to shield the removal of wildlife.

The bigger and funnier picture, of course, is the clause is likely to cause even more problems.
For example, if bats or skunks get in someone’s home, can this ecosystem be tampered with and the critters removed?

Are mice traps going to be banned?

The law is running so delightfully amok, that even the Boulder Camera has allowed several letters to the editor to be printed mocking the Climate Bill.

Chuck Wibby writes that Lord of the Flies-like tribunals will have to decide legal rights, privileges, powers and protections:

You can only imagine the ensuing court case. ‘Hawks sue City of Lafayette for the right to eat prairie dogs. Prairie dogs counter-sue for the right not to be eaten.’ Only in Boulder County.