That’s not in your district, Kerry.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan is taking a cue from Jared Polis’s gubernatorial campaign, and counting on Denver and Boulder Democrats to get her reelected.

The problem here is, her district isn’t even on the Front Range.

As a matter of fact, Donovan is the only Democratic state senator left standing in rural western Colorado.

And in order to get reelected to her seat that covers seven Western Slope counties, she is actually courting metro Democrats to campaign for her.

“Campaigns are exhausting as many of you know, and when you have someone new sign up from Arvada or Littleton or Boulder or Denver who suddenly wants to make phone calls for you to Gunnison County, holy cow, that keeps me going for like three days!”

RevealPolitics has the video:

Apparently, this is how she won her first race, and we suspect her voters in Chaffee, Delta, Eagle, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Lake and Pitkin Counties would be very surprised to learn this is where she relies on political support.

Well, Pitkin County, maybe not so much.

Her opponent is an upstanding Republican from Paonia, Olen Lund, who served on the Delta County Commission from 2004 through 2012. He was also a Colorado water commissioner and served as chairman of the Painted Sky Resource Conservation and Development Council.

No wonder Donovan is so nervous.

Now that Western Slope voters know who their state senator has to rely on in order to run her campaign — front range Democrats — we doubt those folks will fall for this Polis-style of campaigning.