Why is Polis still campaigning for Congress when he’s running for governor?

According to a Where’s Waldo-like piece written by Joey Bunch, Polis is still holding congressional town hall meetings on the public dime — four of them since the primary.

That’s really strange, considering Congress will only be in session 17 full days until the election.
After the election, Polis will serve in a lame duck capacity for another 17 and a half days.

With the millions of his own riches Polis is using to buy the election, one would think he could at least pay for his own town hall costs rather than sticking it to the taxpayers.

Apparently, Polis isn’t granting many public appearances, or at least few are publicized, Colorado Politics reports.

His Facebook calendar lists five public events since the primary, and the campaign Twitter account has two. He touts his endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado four times and his endorsement from former President Obama six times. (Plus a poll he created asking voters if they agreed with the state law that classifies a hot dog as a sandwich.)

An unnamed Democratic political operative tried to cover Polis’s rear, reminding Bunch “that Polis is in Washington much of the week to do his work as a congressman.”

We checked the congressional calendar, and the House has been in session exactly 14 days since the primary two months ago.

And, Congress has been in summer recess since July 27.

Meanwhile, Walker Stapleton is still working full time as our state treasurer, and he’s managed to attend 17 events.

Polis might indeed be spending more time in Washington than Colorado, but it’s not congressional business that’s keeping him there.