Hours before President Trump’s announcement his administration will begin the process of letting states regulate coal plant emissions, some Colorado Democrats boldly predicted the world will come to an end.

And then there was U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who predicted Colorado won’t be affected but we’ll all probably die anyway.

Why won’t Colorado be affected? First, because Obama’s regulation will take years to overturn and might not actually happen.

Plus, Bennet says Colorado already has tough safeguards in place to reduce emissions.

According to Colorado Public Radio:

That’s because the Centennial State began its shift away from coal nearly a decade ago, with a state law called the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act. The law set in motion a move toward more use of renewable energy and natural gas and away from coal-fired power plants.

“In the absence of leadership from Washington, Colorado will continue to reduce our emissions, grow our clean energy economy, and fulfill our obligation to safeguard the environment for the next generation,”said Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in a statement Tuesday morning.

But when he stood with fellow Democratic senators during a press conference, Bennet said the move will cause great damage to Colorado.

Bennet is such a hypocrite.

Meanwhile, DeGette says exactly 1,400 people will die prematurely due to Trump’s action.

That could prove to be an interesting autopsy.

As we all have been instructed, climate change is man-made and causes droughts and forest fires and record rain and floods — depending on the weather.

By proposing to roll back Obama’s regulation, what Trump is saying is the state’s, not the federal government, have the authority to regulate emissions from coal-fired power plants.

And that states like Colorado already have some of the toughest regulations in the nation, even stricter than what the EPA mandated, and states should be left to govern in this instance.