U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter stopped by International Paper this week to shake some hands and visit with the 100 workers there who make products from, well paper.

We are glad to see the congressman meeting with real constituents, but our liberal readers might want to take a seat on the fainting couches before we make the big reveal.

Paper comes from trees. 

That’s right! International Paper actually cuts down trees and uses it to make the products Perlmutter mentioned in this tweet.

And then you know what happens? They plant more trees.

That’s the great thing about paper. It comes from a renewable resource that can be planted, maintained, and harvested over and over to create products that consumers demand.

Like newspapers. Okay, that was a bad example since newspapers aren’t in demand anymore.

We’ll go with aspirin and other medications, henna dye, your beautiful wooden floors, and of course, paper products from International Paper.

So bravo, Perlmutter, for stepping outside your comfort zone and meeting with folks who work in the natural resources industry.