Only one left in line

Bad news for people who love bad news. The American labor market is dominating on an historic level right now. This morning, the Labor Department announced its latest unemployment benefits snapshot, and yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus for job-hunters.

Jobless claims this week stand at a measly 210,000, a figure that would have seemed unfathomable a decade ago. In fact, prior to an even lower number this summer, our nation hasn’t seen such a low level of people requesting unemployment benefits in almost 50 years.

According to Bloomberg:

“Those data show the unemployment rate is near the lowest since 1969 and payrolls are climbing at a solid pace even in the 10th year of the economic expansion. The report for August is due Sept. 7.”

It stands to reason that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly unemployment report will again look terrific, as it has for every month of President Trump’s *first* term.

Whether you want to blame Bush, praise Obama, or get lost in your own partisan mental gymnastics on the subject, the indisputable truth is this: the American economy is roaring with Republicans at the helm.