In a mailer that went to Jefferson County voters last week, Coloradans for Fairness, a dark money campaign outfit supporting State Senate candidate Tammy Story, made the false claim that Tammy’s civic involvement was triggered by the Jeffco Board of Education firing the superintendent.

How refreshing and independent minded of her – just what Jeffco voters are looking for in a State Senator. Except it’s a lie.

The school board in Jeffco never fired Cindy Stevenson. Stevenson quit in a huff, declaring that she could not work with the new (conservative) board majority. It was one of the most shameful public tantrums ever thrown by a late- to middle-aged woman in recent memory.

More than four years ago, we wrote about the manufactured chaos delivered compliments of the  teachers union at the school board meeting where this matter was decided.  The day of the meeting, a call went out to union activists to show up to the board meeting – and they came in force. There were approximately 200 raving unionized public school teachers with instructions to wear black and scream “no” and “recall.”

Now Tammy Story, or more specifically, an IEC that is supporting her (but lists Story’s campaign sponsored website on the IEC mailer), wants you to see images of her posing for pictures in front of school children, and read that blatant falsehood about how Story became involved in politics.

If Story is willing to lie about something as basic and silly as what got her started in politics, what else is she or her supporters willing to lie about? And, aren’t Jeffco voters pretty sick of the teachers union’s lies?