Jared Polis’s decision to skip the Club 20 debate is the political gaffe that keeps on giving. Now his campaign is accusing Western Slope stakeholders of being a bunch of partisans.

The road to the governor’s mansion in Colorado goes through the Club 20 debate, reports public radio KUNC. They’re the organization that represents local government, business and individuals in 22 counties.

But Polis can’t attend because of an unnamed prior commitment. And because the entire Club 20 events costs $25 to attend, and now they claim that road to the governor’s mansion is littered with partisan politics.

“We’re disappointed in Club 20’s partisan reaction to a scheduling conflict and nobody benefits from their decision to deny their club members the opportunity to hear from the sitting lieutenant governor, Donna Lynne,” (Polis spokeswoman Mara) Sheldon said in a statement.

Does the Polis camp seriously thinks they’ve been unfairly targeted because Polis is a Democrat, rather than being the only candidate in history to EVER skip the debate?

Imagine what would happen if Republican Walker Stapleton refused to participate?

Game, over.

He would be roasted on a spit next to the lamb.

Another excuse added to the growing list, Polis’s doesn’t need to debate in front of voters about issues that matter to stakeholders there, because he’s actually been to the Western Slope dozens of times.

Memo to Polis: A lifetime of a couple dozen road trips over the mountains, mostly to campaign for Congress, doesn’t count.

This is the governor’s race, and you have much to prove to voters there.

So far, you’ve only proven they can’t count on you.