UPDATE: Ross is planning to withdrawal from the race, according to the Denver Post, per Ross’ blog:

“My resignation letter is in process. I don’t know if the Colorado GOP can actually erase my name from the ballot at this stage, but they are going to try.”

This is a good thing.

In case the Colorado Republican Party’s repudiation of Republican candidate David Reid Ross wasn’t clear enough when spokesman Daniel Cole said, “we find it reprehensible and not representative of the Republican Party or the Republican platform,” we are here to reaffirm. There is no place in the Republican Party for David Reid Ross or his viewpoints.

Full stop.

Ross is running in Colorado House District 12 as a Republican, which is largely a suicide mission as Rep. Mike Foote won in that district 2016 with over 65% of the vote…as a far-left Democrat. We’ve never heard of Ross until now and he should withdrawal from the race. We’d suggest that he returns the campaign money he raised, except that it’s almost entirely from his own bank account. All $200 of it. (We’re estimating.)

We’re not going to repeat some of the offensive things he said. They’re not worth promoting in any way. Looking at you, Westword.

But know that his sentiment is entirely inappropriate and unwanted. There’s really no defense. We know they were written long ago, but not like Strom Thurmond long ago, amirite, Democrats?

Just drop out, sir.