The mystery has been solved, and we are completely perplexed.

Jared Polis could not stand toe-to-toe with Walker Stapleton in the Club 20 debate Saturday because he planned to be in Greeley.

We have hoisted the Bullcrap Flag on this whole charade.

Who actually believes that within days of the primary, Polis claimed THIS commitment over participating in the historic Club 20 debate? Raise your hands. On a side note, we see by the timestamp this event did not prevent him from watching the League of Legends video game championship game.

But the Western Slope received his message loud and clear: A campaign event for a Greeley city council candidate is more important to Jared Polis than answering questions about critical issues that actually affect our state.

What Polis and the Front Range keep forgetting, is that their issues are also our economy and lifeblood.

Doing a whirlwind tour of coffee shops to meet with volunteers in a handful of Western Slope towns (the campaign’s make-up kiss) on Labor Day weekend did not, and will not, make up for this major insult.