Last weekend’s Club 20 debate between Congressman Scott Tipton (R, CO-3) and his Democrat challenger Diane Mitsch Bush was amazing, in the literal sense of the word.

We’ve already reported on Mitsch Bush’s breathless exhortations denying her apparently Socialist past. For the record, when a candidate literally yells, “I am not a Socialist!” in the middle of a debate, he or she is unlikely winning the debate.

But that wasn’t the only ridiculous moment of the evening. In a discussion on Sanctuary Cities, attendees were treated to the following exchange:

TIPTON: But you support sanctuary cities?

MITSCH BUSH: I don’t support them, I don’t not.

What does that mean?

But wait! It gets better. On the subject of the Jordan Cove pipeline, a project that promises a massive economic windfall to the Western Slope (and enjoys the support of Governor Hickenlooper, Senators Bennet and Gardner, and Republican Gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton), Mitsch Bush instead joined creepy Boulder zillionaire Jared Polis by refusing to take a position:

MITSCH BUSH: Guess what? [The Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline to Jordan Cove] would go over agricultural lands in Oregon, what about eminent domain [in Oregon]? Right now, I haven’t taken a position.

TIPTON: Pretty easy, you’re either for it or you are against it. Why would you be against jobs, to be able to create them right here? You know I think when we look at a real difference between us, we have a person who’s saying “I don’t really want to support it, and I’ll figure out a way to try and stop it.” She may have missed, I just cited that we have orders right now, to be able to deliver it, contracts are in place, demand is there, and I will always submit that no one will outdo America when it comes to competition.

Some friendly advice to Mitsch Bush: Your best defense to being called a Socialist would be to retort, “I’m not! Socialists have actual policy positions. I don’t.”

Slap it on a bumper sticker, go forth, and prosper.