Republican Gubernatorial nominee Walker Stapleton visited Sterling on Monday to discuss a number of issues facing the Eastern Plains and rural Colorado, including the need for broadband. The discussion was regrettably undermined by an internet outage in the city precisely while Walker was in town, hurting attendance at the meet-and-greet.

From the Sterling Journal-Advocate:

“…according to Josh Sonnenberg, president of the Logan County Republican Party, several businesses in Sterling were affected by loss of Internet service Monday and that likely prevented business people from being able to break away.”

The same article would later note, “broadband is at the top of the list of Stapleton’s rural priorities.”

Topical, timely stuff, particularly given the urban-rural divide that Stapleton promises to bridge if elected Governor.

True to despicable form, national Democrats pounced on Stapleton’s efforts to work with rural Colorado, releasing a statement from their cozy confines in Washington, D.C. that mocks both the people of Sterling and Stapleton.

Never mind that Democrat nominee Jared Polis blew off the Western Slope altogether by skipping the critical Club 20 meetings in Grand Junction, or that he’s seemingly too busy creepily playing video games with teenagers to give Sterling more than a wave.

Colorado Democrats can’t help but show their disdain for rural Colorado. Polis would probably agree that his values don’t align with Coloradans outside the Denver-Boulder pocket of stinky #resistance.

That’s too bad, because there’s a big, beautiful state out there. He should get out sometime and let what remains of his hair blow in the breeze.