Nancy Pelosi is so desperate to regain her throne as House majority leader, she’s financing a sleazy campaign against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman that’s full of lies and deception.

So explains the Colorado Springs Gazette, and we concur.

Never mind that Coffman was chief watchdog over multiple VA fiascos, while his Democratic opponent Jason Crow was MIA on his veterans’ advocacy post, skipping out on 40 percent of meetings held by the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs.

Perhaps he was too busy defending a Texas contractor for defrauding the VA for more than five years.

One of Pelosi’s ads slams Coffman for consistently voting on bills that President Trump supports.
What she fails to mention, is Coffman stood against the president and demanded the firing of Trump’s VA secretary.

And, she conveniently forgets that Coffman voted in favor of a troop pay raise, which even U.S. Rep. and governor wannabe Jared Polis voted against.

Pelosi craves power and intends to get it by replacing a tireless defender of working-class Coloradans and veterans with a man whose clients defraud them. Let’s hope Pelosi and Crow don’t succeed in harming Colorado with a sleazy campaign of deception.

Colorado voters don’t have a lot of love for Pelosi, so we expect her campaign on behalf of Crow will backfire, spectacularly.