It’s no secret that Republican Attorney General candidate George Brauchler is infinitely more qualified than his opponent, Democrat Phil Weiser. Weiser has spent his career as an academic and, literally, has never stepped foot in a Colorado courtroom – at least not for work. We’ve made this point over and over again, but it’s nice to have third-party validation on this.

Today, the Fort Collins Coloradoan backed us up (the ed board was more polite than we were):

“The board believes Brauchler, the district attorney for Colorado’s 18th Judicial District and a seasoned courtroom lawyer, is a solid choice for the statewide office.

“Brauchler might not be an activist attorney general if elected, looking to jump into courtroom fights to score political points. But we believe he would provide sound legal advice to the governor and the Legislature while focusing his staff on protecting the rights and safety of Colorado residents….

“…Yet in Brauchler, we see someone with an established body of work as a trial lawyer and administrator. His experience in civil, criminal and military courts would serve the state well as it heads into what are likely to be turbulent times.”

As the old saying goes – those who cannot do, teach. Colorado should have an attorney general who actually has experience in the courtroom, right?