In an op-ed to the Boulder Daily Camera, Crisanta Duran shows a stunning lack of self-awareness, suggesting that Republicans are hiding something in the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

We read this line and laughed out loud (literally): “Coloradans are left with the question: What are they hiding?”

This entire diatribe in defense of women and transparency is massively hypocritical coming from Duran. It was just this year that Coloradans discovered that Duran learned of allegations of sexual harassment against former Democratic State Rep. Steve Lebsock and not only did nothing about it, but promoted him into a position of power, giving him greater access to sexually harass others.

Did her comms team approve this op-ed? If so, fire your comms team, Speaker Duran. They’re making you look like a fool.

Of course, if Duran was a leader, she would have addressed the issue immediately, not months later after the situation came to light.

Don’t worry, Duran spent most of her column bemoaning the Merrick Garland nomination that wasn’t. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Madame Speaker.