Our minds are blown. How easy it must be to be a Democrat. Yesterday, we reported on the bombshell news that Jared Polis pushed – and left a welt – his secretary, Patricia Hughes, who he accused of stealing trade secrets as she was about to walk out the door with proprietary information.

Here is Team Polis’ amazing statement on this:

“Jared Polis was the victim of a crime, was the person who called the police, and was found to have done nothing wrong. Shame on Walker Stapleton for trying to exploit that.”

He did “nothing wrong”???? He was the victim of a WHITE COLLAR CRIME – maybe. Regardless, is violence how we solve white collar crimes? No. In addition, people in Boulder in the tech community maintain that the reason that Patricia Hughes was stealing the documents was because Polis allegedly was stripping his companies of intellectual property before the sale.

Which sale? We can only surmise that it was the astronomical $780 million sale of Blue Mountain Arts to Xcite! in October 1999 (announced just four months after this incident) which was called one of the worst start-up failures of all time. Just two years later, it was sold for $35 million.

The fact that Polis is playing victim after acting so unethically and, then, blames the victim of his violence is disgusting. The fact that the Colorado media is playing along is reprehensible.