This week, throughout the circus that the Kavanaugh hearing, the left has embraced the battle cry #BelieveHer. Of course, that’s only if the “her” in question is a liberal woman condemning a conservative man. But, what happens when the shoe is on the other foot – a conservative woman accuses a liberal man?

Fortunately – or unfortunately – Colorado has an example playing out right here before our eyes.

During the brain-cell melting debate in the State Legislature over claims of sexual harassment against legislators on both sides of the aisle, one of the stranger accusations was against Democratic state Sen. Dan Kagan, who allegedly repeatedly used the women’s bathroom despite requests from female staffers and elected officials that he not use their bathroom.

The report from the investigation is out and it found that Kagan did, in fact, use the restroom multiple times, despite the discomfort of women working in the building and despite his protests that it was a single mistake. The report published by the Colorado General Assembly found that he used the women’s bathroom at least five additional times other than his encounter with Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik, who filed the report.

In the workplace complaint against Kagan that Martinez Humenik filed, “Kagan…admitted to using the women’s restroom once, saying he had a ‘gastrointestinal virus’ and ‘the bathrooms at the capitol are a confusing business.’”

But he claimed it was just one time.

This investigation shows that not only does Kagan not respect women and their boundaries, but that he’s a liar, too.

When Democrats say that people should believe victims, it would seem that they’re only talking about liberal victims. Another pathetic page in the history book titled, “Democrats Only Care about Women Who Agree with Them.”

We believe Martinez Humenik, don’t you, Democrats?