Stranger things have happened, but a rush by independent and Republican voters to support Democrats because they love Obamacare is not one of them.

That’s not stopping the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington from passing this Hail Mary to voters.

From David Bergstein, committee spokesman.

“Voters consistently say that this is their top issue. … Both concern over cost and concern over how the GOP agenda would cut coverage for pre-existing conditions have been the centerpiece of the messaging on this issue.”

The problem is, coverage of preexisting conditions is fleeting, at best.

Is it considered coverage if Obamacare declines to pay for medicine prescribed by your doctor for preexisting conditions? Because this is happening more, and more often.

If you lose your job and don’t take COBRA, beware: Your health insurance costs will skyrocket if you have preexisting conditions.

Also, you might not be able to keep your doctor who’s been treating your preexisting conditions for years.

That spin might work for young people just entering the health insurance system, but for those of us who had great and affordable insurance before Obamacare came along, won’t be so easily swayed.

Then there’s Jared Polis, who says he will implement a Medicare for all approach to health care, only with more availability and better quality than the one we have now.

We don’t understand why Democrats keep claiming their government-run health care is so awesome, and yet every time an election rolls around, they promise to make it work better.

Which is the same as saying, it doesn’t work.