Nancy Pelosi beat back an effort this week by U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter that might have blocked her from taking over as House Speaker, if Democrats win back the House.

But Perlmuttter failed miserably, and the minority leaders seems pretty confident she will remain top dog over all she survey.

What Perlmutter did, was bring up a measure during the last 10 minutes of a caucus meeting that would require speaker candidates to get 218 votes in the party’s own caucus.

Then, according to Colorado Politics, “a fight broke out amongst members that included yelling and accusations of stupidity.”

We’re guessing it was Perlmutter who was accused of stupidity, for trying to topple Dear Leader from the Speaker’s throne month she won’t even be eligible for unless Democrats sweep the House in November.

Whether it’s for speaker or minority leader, she can put Perlmutter down for a no vote when the time comes.

As for the rest of our delegation, DeGette’s not saying who she will vote for, she’s too busy making a play for the whip position.

Jason Crow pledged to vote against Pelosi if he should win Mike Coffman’s congressional seat, but we don’t believe him.

After all, is was Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer who cleared the way for Crow’s nomination telling Levi Tillemann to get out of the primary race. And, it was Pelosi who backed what Hoyer did, and defended the party’s actions to the Washington Post.

Crow made his own choice to go to the ball with the devil, and when the music starts, he will certainly be expected to dance with the devil.