Dueling polls released today in the 6th congressional district race show conflicting results for U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Jason Crow.

First, there’s this poll by Normington Petts (we’ve never heard of them, either), done on behalf of a super PAC that supports Democrats called End Citizens United.

It’s not so much a poll on Coffman as it is a poll on how effective their ad campaign against Coffman fared.

Ironically, the PAC’s mission is to end corporate donations to political campaigns, and points to a false pledge by Crow that he doesn’t take corporate money. But Crow does, we’ve reported that corporate money is hidden in leadership PACs.

But we digress, on to the poll memo from Normington Petts:

End Citizens United bought two weeks of broadcast television in September and executed a six-piece mail program in August and September targeted at swing voters that contrasted Coffman’s campaign contributions from special interests and voting their way with Crow’s refusal to take corporate special interest money. While ECU’s was obviously not the only communication in the race, perceptions that Coffman sides with the special interests increased by five to seven points among Independents, especially Independent men.

So, in a push poll with misleading questions after a false ad campaign, Crow looks in good shape.

But, Coffman has also released his poll conducted by The Tarrance Group (a well-known polling group) that shows the Republican one point behind Crow.

There’s no doubt this will be a tight race, as evidenced by desperate measures taken by another Super PAC to bolster Crow using despicable ads of a tragic school shooting and theater shooting as political props.

No word yet on whether that super PAC is conducting polls to see how effective those ads are with voters.