Yawn. Conservation Colorado, a clearinghouse for radical environmental advocacy, has pledged $3.2 million to defeat Walker Stapleton and to elect pro-conservation (read: Democrat) candidates.

According to a press release from the Conservation Colorado Victory Fund, the effort “will be the largest political program the committee has ever run. It will feature a robust field program to knock doors throughout the state and include a comprehensive digital and mail program to ensure voters know where candidates stand from the governor’s race to the state House.”

We’re yawning because we’ve heard big promises from greenies before and the green groups have come up short. Take for example the 2014 midterms and Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action, which spent $74 million in to support former Democratic Senator Mark Udall and whoever the challenger to Republican Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa was (besides a footnote on the page of history).

As you may recall, PeakNation, Sen. Cory Gardner defeated Udall that year and we can’t even remember the name of the Ernst challenger.

Plus, $3.2 million is no $74 million and Colorado is on fire politically this year and $3.2 million just doesn’t go as far as it usually does.