Finally, an explanation from the man himself, Jared Polis, on why he pushed a woman into a filing cabinet and physically prevented her from calling the police to come to her aid, twice.

Okay, so it’s not actually Polis, but a reenactment on the gubernatorial candidate’s behalf explaining his behavior — because he’s rich and can get away with it.

Click on the link here to watch the video on the Facebook page of Save Our State Colorado

The resemblance is uncanny, right? And who better to explain Polis is not pro-woman, not by any stretch of the imagination, than a woman.

She knocked this portrayal, and explanation of Polis’s action, out of the park.

We would like to say this video is hysterically funny, but it deals with a very serious subject matter — assaulting women.

It may be satire, but it’s the most serious attention the police report against Polis has received since it was uncovered a week ago.