Former President Obama is handing out endorsements like Halloween candy to Democrats across the country.

He’s up to 25 endorsements so far in Colorado, backing all of the top office-seekers in the state with one glaring exception — Diane Mitsch Bush, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in the 3rd Congressional District.

Instead of a Snickers bar, she came away from Obama’s door with a toothbrush in her candy bag.

Perhaps its for personal reasons, but more likely it’s because an Obama endorsement is the kiss of death for a Western Slope candidate.

Those folks aren’t fond of his land-use policies, and were hit hardest by Obamacare.

Obama appears to be keeping to Democratic lanes in his endorsement decrees, lending his name only where he thinks it won’t doom a Democrat.

Interestingly, Obama has just now decided to endorse Jason Crow against U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District race.

We’re not sure what took Obama so long to decide. Maybe it was the latest push-poll showing that race now neck-and neck. Or it took him a while to appreciate Crow’s costume.