Is Polis a flip-flopper, or a straight up liar who will say anything to get elected?

After his first two debate performances over the weekend, we’re leaning heavily towards straight up liar.

How else to explain why he told a Front Range crowd on Friday he would not support Amendment 73 tax increases, while pretending he had no stance the following night on the Western Slope?

Worse still is his new stance on one of the hottest issues this campaign season — sanctuary cities.

Polis has a long record of being in favor of sanctuary cities and tying law enforcement hands from doing anything about it, especially when those illegals are criminals who kill.

Now he’s suddenly against sanctuary cities, like the one he lives in, with no explanation whatsoever?

He can’t even get his opposition to sanctuary cities right.

When asked if he would still extend state services to illegal immigrants, Polis said he would because they pay taxes.

Ahem. Illegal immigrants do not have Social Security numbers, so unless they’re sending anonymous cash payments to the Treasury, they are not taxpayers.

Then Polis has the audacity to proclaim that while he does not support sanctuary cities, this is an issue that should be handled at the federal level.

Guess how Polis has repeatedly voted, again and again and again as a congressman when it comes to sanctuary cities?!

Here’s a sampling:

He voted no in 2015 and last year on the primary bill called Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act. It can’t get any plainer than that. But there’s more.

Polis voted in 2015 to allow law enforcement to ignore immigration laws.

Polis voted in favor of funding sanctuary cities in 2016.

And, Polis voted against Kate’s Law, which targeted sanctuary cities and imposed tougher sentences on criminals who enter the U.S. illegally on multiple occasions.

So except for the fact Polis has totally supported the mission and funding of sanctuary cities as a congressman for the past three years as the congressman representing the sanctuary city of Boulder, and he thinks illegals pay taxes, Polis thinks he might now be against sanctuary cities if it will get him elected governor.

It’s just outrageous.

The biggest problem with Polis’s campaign is, voters have absolutely no way of knowing whether or not they approve of how Polis would govern as governor, because he keeps lying to us about where he stands.