The Denver Post, of all publications, broke the story yesterday that House Majority Whip Jovan Melton has been arrested twice in the past twenty years for acts of violence against women.

There’s a lot to unpack in the story itself, but one incident involved Melton breaking a woman’s tailbone in 1999, while the other recounts a 2008 incident in which the Democrat lawmaker allegedly shifted a moving car into neutral (while sitting in the passenger seat), hit a female driver in the face, which immediately caused the driver to crash.

Melton’s recollection of what we’ll call “tailbone-gate” is one for the ages:

He told The Denver Post that the woman’s broken tailbone was the result of a consensual sexual encounter, and the reason he didn’t fight the restraining order was because he wanted to be done with the relationship.

Well, that line of reputation management certainly causes us to stop asking questions.

You may recall that Melton voted to expel Steve Lebsock from the legislature earlier this year.

You may also recall Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis, himself having recently been revealed to have violently assaulted a woman, sending Melton a video message on Twitter in March, wishing him a happy birthday.

Very violent birds of a feather, indeed.

It’s worth contrasting these growing list of incidents within the Democrats’ legislative caucus to the accusations of now-Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh. No police reports were ever filed against Kavanaugh, though that didn’t stop the liberal mob from attempting one of the most shameless character assassinations in American history.

In the case of Melton and Polis, the police reports don’t just exist; they corroborate actual, documented acts of physical violence against female subjects.

Lastly, are we to believe that Colorado’s Democratic leaders and operatives were previously unaware of Melton’s behavior? Are we really going to assume that they don’t do background checks on their own members?

Of course they knew. They just didn’t want us to know.