The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a poll on the governor’s race and we are definitely seeing a trend.

Not in the results, but in so-called non-partisan and non-profit groups mixing policy polls with politics this election in order to shape voter decisions.

We had the poll by Healthier Colorado, the nanny state organization that led the fight against sugar drinks in Boulder. They claim Jared Polis was up seven points over Walker Stapleton when the poll was conducted a month ago, but not released until October.

Now we have the Kaiser Family Foundation, which unlike their business operation that sells health insurance, is a non-profit that conducts health policy analysis, and pushes it to the media to sway the public and lawmakers— you know, lobbying.

Anyway, the Kaiser Foundation did a “poll” on “Coloradans’ Perspectives on Health, Quality of Life, and Midterm Elections” to gauge how voters feel on important health issues like President Trump, President Trump, and how much voters should trust the mainstream media.

The respondents are voters, but not likely voters, and they were limited geographically to Denver, Boulder, and a handful of other Front Range counties. More Democrats and independents were surveyed than Republicans, and the poll question identified each candidate by party.

The results: Jared Polis with 44 percent, Walker Stapleton with 33 percent, and 23 percent aren’t saying because they probably trusted the poll about as much as we do.

What’s surprising, is Polis should have been knocking the numbers out of the park then, which is before voters learned Polis physically assaulted a woman who used to work for him, and that he’s been lying abut his stance on key issues.

Plus, he spent good money — about $18 million — to buy this election.

The Kaiser poll was actually conducted in August and early September and just now released … days before voting ballots are mailed, because you know, they’re “non-partisan.”