A new poll out today shows that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis is seven points up over Republican Walker Stapleton. To that we say, that’s it?

Polis has spent over $20 million trying to convince Colorado that he is the right man for the Governor’s mansion – and he’s up just seven points with a 4% margin of error. That must be massively disappointing for Polis, who can apparently almost break bones in an old woman, but can’t seem to break 50%.

Also, how the hell are 11% of Coloradans undecided at this point?

And it may be even worse. The poll was conducted September 18-20, which was several days before it was revealed that Polis pushed his secretary after she tried to whistleblow on his shady business practices. We’d like to see a poll after this news emerged.

Also, looking at some of the responses to unrelated questions in this poll, we see that 76% of respondents supported so-called Red Flag laws and 64% said that the state should play a role in ensuring Coloradans have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

Sure, it’s a different question than Amendment 69, which would have been a state takeover of the healthcare system, but would an electorate that voted that down two-to-one really have said that the state should ensure Coloradans have access to quality and affordable healthcare at the same rate? That’s awfully close to Amendment 69.

Also, worth noting, Healthier Colorado isn’t exactly nonpartisan. We’re not saying that skewed the poll; however, Healthier Colorado is a Bloomberg-esque organization that has pushed for the elimination of sugary soft-drinks. From a Peak post last year:

“Healthier Colorado was the driving force behind the tax Boulder voters put on sugary soft drinks last year, only the second such local levy in the country.

“The group also had a hand in rules that deter commercial childcare facilities from giving sugar-laden drinks to children, unless the parents provide the drinks.”

Nanny-staters can keep Polis, we’ll keep our Coca-Cola.