Yesterday, the Denver Post laid the smack down on attempts by radical environmentalists to ban oil and gas development in Colorado by suggesting that voters vote no on 112.

Here’s an excerpt from the editorial:

“The effect of that would be a ban on oil and gas exploration of Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg Basin. That’s the area in northeast Colorado where most of the state’s drilling activity is occurring.

“With such a ban would come an exodus of oil and gas companies from the state, the high-paying jobs they create directly and indirectly, and the taxes they pay to state and local governments.”

The Denver Post is right. We know, we can’t believe we’re writing this either. But killing around 150,000 jobs for an arbitrary number is a terrible idea. The Denver Post isn’t the first newspaper to encourage a no vote. In fact, nearly every newspaper in the state has the endorsed the no position because this measure is so extreme. Even the Aurora Sentinel, which is vying with the Boulder Weekly to be the official newspaper of Bernie Sanders in Colorado, said this is a bad idea.

We don’t typically recommend swallowing whole what the mainstream media feeds readers, but in this case, these newspapers are right.