Yesterday, we reported on the bombshell that Rep. Jovan Melton had pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges. We suggested he resign. The Colorado Democratic Party suggested he resign (now that you know – they knew years ago). His colleagues suggested he resign. The only person who hasn’t suggested that he resign is Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis.

We can hardly blame him (just kidding, we totally blame him). Polis himself was accused of violence against a woman recently, so perhaps he’s feeling a little sensitive.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Polis was accused of assault – pushing her into a file cabinet and grabbing her arm – against his secretary almost 20 years ago. She was attempting to steal documents during the sale of his company, Blue Mountain Arts, to Xcite! that showed he was stripping the value from the companies. Polis ended up selling the company for $780 million. The company was valued at just $30 million two years later.

Polis tried to claim he was the victim here and innocent, much like Melton, who grossly claimed that he didn’t break his accusers tailbone during violence, but during sex. We’re not going to ask.

Polis and Melton shouldn’t get away with claiming victimhood and if Polis won’t call for Melton’s resignation, we can only assume that he sympathizes with the abuser.