Was it just an oversight, or does Gov. Hickenlooper intentionally mean to totally snub Jared Polis’s campaign to replace him in the governor’s mansion?

Hickenlooper is passing out donations like Halloween candy from his newly formed Giddy Up PAC.

He’s donated to plenty of gubernatorial candidates in other states including the Democratic nominees in Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, and Kansas.

And it’s not like he’s ignoring Colorado, because Hickenlooper also pitched in $1,000 each for Diana DeGette and Jason Crow.

So where’s his support for the Democratic nominee in his own state?

It’s not like Hick is short on funds. His fledgling PAC has already raised more than $280,000, and Hick has only donated about $28,000 to candidate — including nearly $400 for his own personal hotel costs.

With all of the millions of his own money Polis is throwing into his campaign, some might think Polis is not even accepting donations, but he is.

So the question stands, why isn’t Hickenlooper supporting Polis for governor?