A recently-filed complaint against Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper alleges that the “aw shucks” Governor loves him some private jets. According to the complaint, Hick accepted private jet flights and other lavish travel benefits without reporting them per Colorado state law.

The solution to this is so simple. Hick just has to show that he paid for the flights himself. Yet, it’s been several days and we’ve seen no such receipt or proof of payment.

If he paid for the flights, we might give him a high five as air travel has become so cumbersome these days. Who wants to mingle with the man bun-wearing hoi polloi?

From the press release that was sent out on Friday by former Speaker of the House Frank McNulty:

“Governor Hickenlooper’s extravagant travel habits have been the source of public speculation for years. After conducting extensive research, we learned that the problem is far more serious than any of us could have realized. The vast majority of state officials carefully abide by Colorado’s strict ethics and gift laws, I was disappointed to learn that Hickenlooper seems to think that these ethics laws don’t apply to him.”

Tick tock, Governor. Where are those receipts?