Republicans are currently the largest group of voters in Douglas County. That’s why it’s so puzzling to hear Douglas County School District’s new superintendent, Dr. Thomas Tucker, insult Republicans.

While Douglas County isn’t as red as it once was, we suspect that folks down in Douglas County will not take kindly to Superintendent Tucker holding a de facto pep rally with a group called “Playdates and Social Justice League”.

Just watch around the one-minute mark:

Dr. Tucker nods in agreement when a woman asserts that Republicans don’t care about kids because they chose not to endorse a massive property tax increase. Even better, Dr. Tucker then asserts that they don’t care about their neighborhoods after one of the attendees erroneously suggests that increasing taxes will make houses more valuable. That doesn’t even pass the common sense test in terms of how people evaluate housing affordability.

The best part of this video is how earnest the Playdates and Social Justice League woman is in proclaiming that if “all five of our candidates get elected, we can make this county the progressive bastion of hope we want it to be.”

Oh, to be such an idealist.

If these are the people running Douglas County Schools, they should not receive one more dime of taxpayer funds.