Jason Crow tried to have it both way during the Tuesday night debate with U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman.

Crow admitted he wants universal health care, but not Medicare for all, the plan supported by fellow radicals Jared Polis and Bernie Sanders.

Why not Medicare? Because people want more options, not less, Crow argued.
Then he went on to say he wants Americans under 65 to be able to buy into the Medicare program with less options.

Like Polis, maybe Crow just can’t keep track of his alleged positions.

On the issue of the caravan of 7,000 trekking from Central America to our southern border because their own country is not economically prosperous, Coffman doesn’t think our immigration laws should be suspended.

“We are a nation of laws, and we need to fix our broken immigration system, but we do need to recognize the laws we have,” Coffman said.

Asked if the migrants should be welcomed into the 6th Congressional District, Crow insisted he does not support open borders, he just wants them to remain wide open with no walls.

Does Crow think the migrant parade should be welcomed in the 6th District? If they can get sneak across the open border asylum, Crow says sure!