Earlier today, Karl Marx enthusiast and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders appeared at a rally in Boulder to support ideological twin Jared Polis’ campaign for Colorado governor. But, maybe Bernie is Polis’ evil twin because it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for these dirty hippies.

As with most gatherings of the leftist Juggalos, the rally took a rather amusing turn right out of the gate, as supporters of the oil-and-gas-killing Proposition 112 drowned out the speeches of everyone from Senator Michael Bennet to Polis himself, protesting the supposed “establishment” Democrats’ opposition to a measure that would literally ruin Colorado’s economy.

(For the record: We’re willing to bet that Polis voted in favor of Proposition 112 from the privacy of his own home, so the Cheech and Chongs that yelled inanities at CU today have that going for them, if little else.)

Sanders, the septuagenarian leader of the leftist youth, later took the stage to great fanfare and adoration. During his remarks, in which he decried the fact that economics are a reality, Sanders turned his fire on rich people, lamenting a “system” that allows the uber-wealthy to “buy” elections:

We suspect that the conversation between Bernie and his staff, following his comments, went something like this: Sir. SIR! You were here to support JARED POLIS!

Polis has spent nearly $25 million of his money to… you guessed it: buy the very election for which Sanders came to Colorado to turn out voters.

Look, we support rich people’s right to do whatever the hell they want with their own money. Polis wants to buy this election and turn Colorado into Venezuela, and that totally sucks. He just should have reminded Sanders that it’s exactly what he’s doing.

Or maybe this is Bernie’s revenge for Superdelegate Polis refusing to support his campaign for President. We’ll never know.