A top official in the Jared Polis campaign is already practicing the police state we can come to expect if the Boulder liberal should win the governor’s race.

Mara Sheldon, Polis’ campaign communications manager, stalked an attendee at the Bernie Sander rally for Sander’s traitor Polis Wednesday on the University of Colorado campus.

Sheldon got in the young man’s face with her cell phone to record him and challenge him.

How dare he, she demanded, walk around a college campus during a political rally with a cell phone in his hand recording the event?

Oh, the horror.

The guy was plenty polite, and she finally stomped away. But a few minutes later she charged into a separate conversation the young man was having with a young lady, grabbed the phone and tried to twist it out of his hand.

If a man did that to a woman, we believe the term would be “assault.”

It just so happens a Denver Post photographer got a photo of the attack, but a reporter followed up on the story, poorly.

But we’ll come back to that in a minute.

A woman flashed her t-shirt at the young man that said “feminist,” then he approached her and asked about it.

She responded that Sanders is a feminist.

What about the man Sanders was there to endorse?

“Jared Polis? He’s a feminist too,” the woman responded.

But what about that time Polis assaulted a woman who worked for him? “I thought assaulting a woman is not something a feminist would really do,” the man said.

That’s when Sheldon charged into the conversation, got into the man’s face, and grabbed his phone.

So, who is this man? His name is Jovanni Valle, his social media name is “Jovi Val,” and he’s a Trump supporter. Or as the Denver Post described him in the lead to their story, a “right-wing activist.”

We’ve never heard of him, but what’s truly frightening, is the police who approached Valle a few minutes later knew exactly who he was. The officer “recognized” him and said he had read Valle’s work.

When Valle told the cop he was just there to film the event, the cop snapped back they were recording it, or him, too.

Valle explained what happened, including the aggressive behavior of Sheldon as she grabbed the phone and tried to take it away from him.

Or as the Denver Post later described it, “she reached out for the phone.”

The problem with the Denver Post account, is that, duh, Valle captured the whole incident on video and it’s on his Facebook page. We suggest you watch the first 10 minutes.

The cop was only telling Valle he was being filmed for, you know, his own protection. The cop said he wanted to make sure Valle’s rights were protected too.

As for the assault by Polis’s communications direction, the cop said he “will address that.”

Right. Like police addressed the situation when an officer grabbed a phone from a newspaper editor for taking pictures and hauled her off to jail.

Valle was not behaving in a provocative manner. He was not aggressive, his questions didn’t carry a nasty tone. Dressed in a khaki suit and stripped tie, the only hint he was conservative was the red, white and blue ball cap he wore.

So how did the Post play it? With this bizarre quote by Sheldon:

“It’s unfortunate that those who instill fear and violence feel the need to spread that negativity at what was a positive and inspiring event.”

The only person at the Sanders event, and quite frankly, there weren’t that many people there, was Sheldon.

She was the one who tried to instill fear and intimidation, reacted negatively and became aggressive.

This, is what a Polis administration will look like. If you support this man, be prepared to give up your basic rights and be physically assaulted by his staff.