Jared Polis won the trifecta when he lied about his intentions to raise a tax, channeled President Trump and called the report fake news, then got busted for it.

Needless to say, he’s very, very sorry. Not about his intentions to raise the tax, just for lying about it and getting caught.

Polis apologizes for crying ‘fake news’ on reports he supports a new tax

Taking words from President Trump’s mouth, Jared Polis apologized Friday for reportedly calling his defense of a carbon tax “fake news” just a week after telling 9NEWS himself that he does support it.

And that’s essentially what happened. He told 9News he supports a carbon tax.


But at a Colorado Chamber of Commerce forum Thursday, he denied it.

“It’s not on my agenda, we’ve never talked about it. It’s kind of fake news.”

When called on the carpet he initially tried to downplay it and his spokeswoman claimed it was a joke.


Voters find it hilarious when politicians lie about raising taxes.

It was a weak apology — he’s sorry he called it “fake news,” he’s not sorry he tried to lie his way out of admitting in front of the Chamber of Commerce he plans to raise taxes to stop climate change.
And just a reminder, those taxes he will raise will increase the cost of our heat, gasoline and electricity.