Former presidential contender and Democratic heartthrob Bernie Sanders was in Colorado last week to campaign against Proposition 112 and to preach the evils of fracking.

Of course it was billed as a campaign rally for Jared Polis’s campaign for governor, and it was.
But apparently no one told Sanders that Polis was trying to shed his image as the self-proclaimed poster boy of the anti-fracking movement while he’s running for governor.

Polis pretended not to hear when Sanders announced his support for Prop. 112 and called for a total ban on fracking.

Just like Polis tried to turn invisible when Sanders, WHO WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM, preached about the “corrupt campaign system that allows billionaire to buy elections.”

Maybe Polis doesn’t count since he’s a mere millionaire?

Polis has said he doesn’t support Proposition 112, but can we believe this man who tried to get a restraining order on a rig across the street from a storage building he owns, just to give him enough time to find a legitimate reason to block the operation?

Can we believe Polis when he now says he’s not anti fracking?

Don’t forget what he said in this self-made video: “The universe has conspired to make me the poster boy for the face of fracking and I’ll use the increased visibility to help pass sensible regulations.”

With just a week to go before Election Day, Polis has become the poster boy for power-hungry politicians who will spend millions of their own fortune to lie about taxes, fracking, health care and education just to get elected.