Coloradans voted their wallets when it came to ballot measures, rejecting amendments that would raise taxes and cripple our energy economy.

Ironically, these outcomes are in stark difference to voters’ selection for governor.

Jared Polis can now stop spending his own millions to get elected, and instead take our tax dollars to go on a wild, liberal spending spree.

But we angrily digress …

Here are the ballot measure results with 91 percent of counties reporting:

Amendment A: Prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime and thereby prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude in all circumstances.

Yes 65%
No 35%

Amendment V: Lower qualifying age to run for state legislature from 25 to 21.

Yes 35%
No 65%

Amendment X: Change the industrial hemp definition from a constitutional definition to a statutory definition.

Yes 61%
No 39%

Amendment Y: Take away responsibility from state legislature to redraw congressional districts, and give that power to a commission of citizens and party members.

Yes 71%
No 29%

Amendment Z: Change legislative reapportionment commission by expanding the commission to twelve members, two-thirds of which are party members?

Yes 71%
No 29%

Amendment 73: Increase taxes by $1.6 billion to spend on education.

Yes 45%
No 55%

Amendment 74: Require government to award just compensation to owners of private property when a government law or regulation reduces the fair market value of the property.

Yes 46%
No 54%

Amendment 75: Allows state candidates to accept five times the campaign donation for every $1 million someone like Jared Polis contributes to their own campaign.

Yes 34%
No 66%

Proposition 109: Issue bonds to pay for transportation projects.

Yes 39%
No 61%

Proposition 110: Tax increase of $766 million annually to pay for transportation projects.

Yes 40%
No 60%

Proposition 111: Reduces charges on payday loans to annual percentage rate of less than 36 percent.

Yes 78%
No 23%