Republicans may have been in for a rough night last night in Colorado, but fortunately Democrats, led by Jared Polis, haven’t also destroyed our economy. At least not yet. Proposition 112, foisted on the ballot by Polis’ base, who received a wink, wink from the politician regarding his support for the ill-conceived measure, failed by a 13-point margin.

This disastrous proposal would have prevented oil and gas development in Colorado, killed hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs, cut off funding for schools, and more. It would have spelled disaster.

So, now that Republicans lost the Governor’s race and the state Senate, we have just a brief delay before the state legislature takes up setbacks after the people just voted down setbacks, or at least that’s our prediction.

Wow. Talk about not hearing the will of the people. We’ve seen how that goes, right (former) Sen. Morse?

Regardless, Colorado should know this peace will be short-lived. Come Monday, it’s back to the drawing board for those who would like to ban fracking and it will be up to Colorado to push back.