A new report suggests that Democratic Presidential hopeful Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper may have been influenced by Tesla executives ahead of his decree to force irrational California emissions standards on Colorado drivers.

According to the Denver Post, the trip on Elon Musk’s jet was to Nevada to tour Tesla’s electric car manufacturing plant in April. In June, Hickenlooper signed an executive order in favor of stronger emissions that would have made buying a new car, on average, over $2,000 more expensive for the average Coloradan. The mandate was approved in a rule-making hearing on Friday.

Newly-minted Republican Assistant Minority Leader Sen. John Cooke is leading the charge to hold Hick accountable for what amounts to a new tax on Colorado drivers. According to a letter Cooke sent to the Colorado Attorney General, Tesla would be the only car company that would initially receive substantial benefits from the program adopted from California.

This isn’t the first time Hickenlooper has come under fire for allegedly taking flights that violate Amendment 41. According to a complaint filed by the Public Trust Institute, Hickenlooper may have taken over 100 flights without reporting it.

While Hick’s team called the complaint false and tarred previous complaints as frivolous, we bet Coloradans paying an extra $2,000 for cars would be interested in how this sausage was made.