Candidate Joe Neguse for the 2nd Congressional District managed to skate through the entire campaign without answering who he would support for the party’s leadership.

That is until CBS’s “Face the Nation” got ahold of him Sunday.

The moderator had the ball firmly in her hands, then she dropped it.

Neguse did commit to voting for Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker, finally, and we’re sure some voters would like to have known that before they cast ballots for him.

Since no one has yet to challenge Pelosi for the Speaker’s gavel, the remaining question now is, who will Neguse vote for majority whip?

Colorado’s own trouble-maker Diana DeGette, or Jim Clyburn, the incumbent whip?

We don’t know. He wasn’t asked.

As it stands, the state’s Democratic delegation is split in their support of Pelosi. U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Congressman-elect Jason Crow vowed to oppose her, although Perlmutter is slipping in his vow.

Ironically, DeGette is campaigning for whip on the rhetoric that leadership needs a shake-up, new blood, diversity, etc.

Yet, DeGette is supporting Pelosi for Speaker, and her job as whip would be to bully the Democrats into voting however Pelosi wants them to vote.

In other words, not a shake-up, not new blood, and since DeGette is challenging the only black man who holds a leadership post, less diversity.*

*Diversity as defined by Democrats means different races, genders and sexual preferences and identity, it does not include thoughts or ideas.