PeakNation™ knows we don’t pull any punches in showcasing Jared Polis’s goofiest photos with our posts on the issues of the day.

Westword has taken note of that special nerdiness of our incoming governor, and proclaimed him the “geekiest guy in state history,” replacing John Hickenlooper, “Colorado’s King Dork.”

And they back it up with numerous photos, here.

Nice spin, Westword, but calling Polis a geek is an insult to geeks.

He’s more of a twerd — part twerp, part nerd — a spoiled rich kid trying desperately to fit in with the cool kids by taking pictures of himself with bathroom art.

Westword finds the photos that Polis shares on social media to be endearing, of course.

We think it’s sad and a desperate cry for attention.

Well, he finally has our full attention, and we look forward to reporting on him extensively in the coming four years.