Colorado Democrats never get to claim that they’re the party that protects women or workers after this escapade. Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, the newly-minted Senate Majority (for those of you not keeping score at home, that’s the Democrats) fired the woman, nonpartisan Senate staffer Effie Ameen, whose recorded phone call proved that Democratic State Senator Dan Kagan lied about his frequent use of the ladies room at the state Capitol.

PeakNation™, you may recall that Kagan was accused of repeatedly using the ladies bathroom, much to the discomfort of his female colleagues and/or their female family members. Kagan told Capitol Police that it happened by mistake just one time, but Ameen’s call to Capitol Police shows it was likely otherwise.

Here’s a recording of the call again, just for reference (and because it’s so cringe-worthy in its level of awkwardness):

The great irony (read hypocrisy) of this effort is that Kagan and then-Senate Majority Leader Morgan Carroll actually ran legislation repeatedly to protect workplace whistleblowers. Sadly, Ameen was just trying to protect women from Kagan’s bathroom predation. She wasn’t technically a whistleblower, instead, simply someone recorded speaking to the Colorado Capitol Police, but the sentiment is the same.

This is just another example of how Democrats claim to protect women and minorities as long as it is politically convenient. Once it is no longer politically convenient, it’s a race to see how quickly Democrats can throw women under the bus. Democrats likely will claim another reason for getting rid of Ameen, but let’s call a spade a spade. Her call to the Capitol Police was massively inconvenient and the fact that it was recorded was politically devastating to Democrats’ politicization of sexual harassment allegations in the State Capitol. Never-you-mind that she was doing the right thing by women.