Thank you Denver Councilman Kevin Flynn for being the lone vote against legalized opium dens in the Mile Higher than a Kite City — the measure overwhelmingly passed 12-1 Monday night.

The city’s plan is for taxpayers to pay for the site and staff, somewhere, so addicts can die more slowly, rather than by quick overdose, from abusing heroin and other opioids.

“You’ve got to remove your fear,” Councilman Paul Lopez said. “Look at this person as a human being and the end goal is saving their life. Get out of this mindset that, ‘Oh, this is scary,’ that this is a bunch of folks shooting up and we’re enabling them.’”

Enable — verb — to give someone or something the authority or means to do something.

Example: The Denver City Council is enabling heroin addicts by giving them the legal authority and support to shoot up junk that destroys their lungs, liver, and kidneys, and slowly kills them.

Go team.

After getting their safe high, addicts will be turned loose, on the street, for society to deal with, again.

Call us crazy, but if government truly wants to help opioid addicts, the common-sense move would be to treat the addition, not turn Denver into the new junkie tourist destination for legalized heroin parties.

Now all that’s needed is for approval from the state legislature.

Unfortunately, our safety net, the Republican-controlled Senate, is gone.

So the question remains: will this really be Polis’s legacy, to just throw in the towel on opioid addiction and staff heroin houses near our businesses and homes?

For shame.